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House Decorating Ideas – Brighten your home with colors

Fabric a frame

You can recycle your old clothes or leftover fabric or ask your local tailors to keep the fabrics for you. Search for a pattern which catch your fancy, it can be just floral print, plain colors or any crazy graphics.
Use any old frames which needs a makeover or buy one if you do not have. Pull the fabric over the frame and hang it up as a big dramatic art!

Don’t forget your lamps

If you are getting bored with your lamps, just cut the fabric to size, check to see that there is an inch extra on the top and bottom.
Then fold the fabric over the shade and use a glue gun on the inside of the shade to glue the fabric in place. There your lamp looks brand new, another one of those artistic house decorating ideas.

Drawers and cupboards

How about lining your drawers and the inside of your cupboard for a splash of colors. Just cut the fabric to size, make sure it is overlapping every line by an inch. Use the glue gun to paste it into place.

Family photos

We love to hang our memories onto frames, it just makes our house more homely, warm and loving. This will work best if you have a large frame. Cut the fabric to size and lay flat on the frame. Paste the photos any way you like, be creative. Once you are finished, you will be amazed how the photos stand out lovingly against the fabric back drop.

If you have any wonderful house decorating ideas to share, let us know and we can post it in our blog or Facebook.😍

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