A clean fish tank in 5 easy steps🐠

Maintaining a clean fish tank need not be a cumbersome task when you follow these 5 easy steps.

Step 1
Check to make sure that all electrical appliances to the tank are unplugged. Pour some water into a temporary container.

Step 2
Gently scoop up all underwater creatures with a fish net. Drain half the water from the tank and remove all decorations, rocks and plants.

Step 3
Use an algae scraper to scrub clean the inside walls. A siphon will clean the gravel and vacuum all debris.
Throw away the soiled filter media and rinse the filter unit with clean water.

Step 4
Now you have a clean fish tank. Fill it with clean water and add chlorine to remove any harmful chemicals.

Step 5
The final step. Replace the filter and filter media. Switch on the filter and let it run for an hour.

Put back all your underwater creatures, decorations, stones and plants into your now clean fish tank.

Sit back and enjoy watching all your underwater creatures swimming happily.

Create your ideal fish tank with some great decorations.

floating bouncy jellyfish

mystical seahorses

fish tank decoration

How about adding some greenery with life-like plants

fish tank plant

 or colorful corals.

Aquarium Coral Decoration

Just click to find out what they can do to your fish tank. Your underwater creatures will love you for it !

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