A Clean House in a jiffy🧞

A clean house! What is the first thought which springs into mind? Scrubbing, squatting and sweating – endless some more.🥵

Good news. If you know the right way to clean, you really do not have to do it so often.

Jiffy tips to a clean house.

Polishing furniture

Ever wondered why your furniture still seem so dusty even after cleaning it. Most of my friends like to spray furniture polish directly on the furniture, then only wipe it. When you do this you are only sabotaging yourself by attracting more dirt instead. You are actually leaving a sticky residue on the furniture and like a magnet attracts all the dust flying around it.
Spray it on a piece of cloth, then only wipe the furniture.

Feather duster does not work anymore to have a clean house👎

I remembered my grandmother used to tell my mother – where is the feather duster, I want to dust the furniture. Well, in some countries, they do not use the feather duster to clean house. They used it to cane naughty kids!😉 Just kidding, just to know you are still reading my article.
Feather dusters will only help most of the dust particles to fly around instead of clearing it. It is recommended to use a microfibre cloth which is specially designed to hook on to and stick to dust.
a clean house

Let the cleaners sit

Many a times, we would splash water and start our vigorous scrubbing once we have squirted the floor or any cleaners. When you do not allow the floor cleaners to sit and do their work, you are not allowing it to moisten or penetrate the surface. No wonder I heard someone telling me they started to have biceps.💪 Well thinking about it, not too bad an idea for a bicep workout and have a clean house too.

While you are waiting for the floor or any cleaners to do their work, don’t just stand there! Look around for other things to clean. You may tell me, hey this is obvious, you don’t have to tell me. You would not believe this, I have a dear friend who told me she cannot stand to wait for the floor cleaners to sit.😂

Top to the bottom

We know the law of gravity which is why we are standing. So if we do not follow nature, we end up having a hard time to keep a clean house.
Clean the ceiling fan first, let the dirt and dust fall to the floor. Wash the curtain rails before cleaning the windows. And finally, begin cleaning the floor. But remember, do not stand while the cleaners sit!

Have fun! A clean house is a home you will look forward coming home to.😍

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