Ant repellent. How to make your own organic insecticide.

ant repellent

Ants are known to be very hard-working insects. You can find them everywhere dashing here and there searching for anything sweet.

Ants are useful in gardens but not so in the kitchen. They say that the kitchen is the soul of the house where families and friends gather to churn out great food. A get-together place, warm and definitely nice smelling.  Therefore it is no wonder that we try not to use too many chemicals to clean the kitchen and shoo away the ants. Instead we can make our own organic ant repellent alternative.

Citrus fruit rinds from oranges, lemons, mandarins, limes and grapefruit make amazing ant repellent because they have citrus oil which is loaded with d-limonene.
This compound is the culprit behind the delicious sweet and fresh scent and has many uses. It can be used as a perfume, to mask the taste of nasty medicines, to add flavor to food. They also work wonders as an insecticide which you can use it to repel ant attacks.

The recipe for making your own botanical insecticide is very simple and easy and great for the environment too. The next time you are eating these fruits, do not toss the rinds away. Instead try chopping them into small pieces and store them in a jar, preferably of glass. Fill it with tap water and keep in the fridge for 2 or 3 days.

When the ant repellent solution is ready, the rinds should be pale and the water scented. When you open the jar, be delighted by the whiff of sweet fresh smell. Strain out the rinds and use the scented water to wipe your kitchen tops, the cupboards or any place. And no worries as they are 100% organic with no artificial chemicals.

I like to put it into spritz bottles as it is easier to spray and definitely more fun.

You can also use this ant repellent water as a cleaner. This concoction is safe for kids and pets, and has solvent qualities.  It is tough on grease and works great on mirrors, windows, kitchen appliances and tiles. And when you rub your fingers on it, you can hear the clean squeak-squeak sound.

However, be careful as this citrus water can damage wood, discolor the material and eventually damage the sealants. Therefore if you have pine cabinets or wooden floors, it is better to use something which is kind to wood.

If you have other recipes for organic ant repellent or other cleaning solution, please share it with us at

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