Declutter tips worth knowing.

Declutter tips? When you have an avalanche of clothes falling on you when you open your wardrobe.

It need not be a chore if you know how to organize it, have fun and why not make it a family affair?

The first tip, just welcome the avalanche. Embrace it! Let all the clothes fall onto the floor. Yes, that’s the way to go.

Have 3 boxes ready. Label them Love, Makeover and Share.
Love box – your favorites and clothes which you wear daily.
Makeover – need some repair or mending.
Share – clothes which you don’t even remember having, hated it or have out worn them. So donate them to others who will jump with joy having them.

The second tip is during sorting try not to keep everything! You will end up with nothing done. Be honest with what goes into those 3 boxes.

The third declutter tips is to stand back and look at your empty wardrobe. Is it due for a makeover itself? Do you need to create more space and install some multi-level rods and have some door hooks for your accessories. These are great space-saving tools.

Another declutter tips which is more on personal preference. How do you like to organize your wardrobe.
I like to sort mine on when they are worn – formal, casual or house wear? One of my friends like to stack all the shorts, skirts, blouses and hang only dresses. Another friend of mine, hang the branded and fold the not branded. Well, clothes have status too, you know.
Whatever preference, just make sure you do not have to ransack your wardrobe just to find that blue polka dot skirt which you wore the other day. If possible, make all your clothes and accessories visible. Have those over the door organizer for your scarves, neck-ties, hats or bags. They are great wardrobe organisers!
declutter tips

Some keep their shoes together with clothes in the wardrobe. If you are a fan of shoes, you can consider keeping them in their shoe boxes.

One of the best declutter tips advised by one of my friend is to do this every 4 months. This makes organizing much easier but she is thinking twice now to do this once a year instead. The extra space created gave her an excuse to stock up her wardrobe again!😅

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