Dog noses. Fun nosey facts you should know.

Five nosey facts about your dog noses to sniff on.🐶

  1. Dogs are yoga masters. 🧘‍♂️They can breathe in and out. At the same time!
    We all know that we human can either breathe in or breathe out at any given time. However there are musicians who has mastered an art called circular breathing where they can breathe in through their nose while simultaneously pushing air out through their mouth. This constant flow of air helps them to play wind instruments.
    Dogs are naturally born with this skill as they keep air circulating all the time!
  2. Dog noses are power packed with the sense of smell.
    Dogs have a very sharp sense of smell as they have up to 300 million olfactory receptors. In comparison to us, we have about 6 million. And as this is not enough, a dog’s brain ability to decode and interpret smells is about 40 x bigger than us human.
    If these 2 unique features are not enough to make dogs the champion of smell sniffers, they have an organ, vomeronasal organ, which is very scent sensitive. It can detect any living creatures’ signals about their mood and health.
    dog noses
    No wonder dogs are a man’s best friend! Like diamonds are a girl’s best friend. 💎
    Add put all these 3 together, dogs can smell between 10,000 to 100,000 times better than us.
  3. Why are there only police dogs and no police cats?
    Dogs can analyse what is coming from each of their nostril separately. Their brains are so brilliant that can dissect the smells, sort the analysis together to locate exactly where the scent is from.
    If you forget where you bought that delicious hot dog from, just let it smell and your loyal dog will lead you right to that stall. And if only dogs can talk, it can also tell you the secret ingredients of your favorite fried chicken.
    No wonder dogs are crook busters.👮‍♀️
  4. Do not worry when dog noses are dry.
    We always thought that healthy dogs have damp noses. But they are not naturally damp. When your dog is sleeping, their nose is dry. When it wakes up from their beauty sleep, they will naturally cleanse the nose with their tongue. This beauty treatment moistens their noses to collect scent molecules.
    On average, a dog will produce about a pint of mucus daily just to moisten their noses. Very like us females who needs to powder our noses at every break possible.
  5. Do you notice that dogs love to sniff your butts and groins.
    Sex predators! 😈 Chill, there is a logical explanation for this. Remember where we mentioned earlier that dogs can detect your mood and health. This in-born skill is made possible by chemicals called pheromones released by us human or other living creatures.
    And as we are naturally built, our butts and groins are heavily scented with pheromones. Dog noses packed with their power scents are naturally magnetized to this smell. Alas, they will start poking and sniffing your butts and groins to analyse your feelings, your health, your diet……..
    It is a dog’s way to greet you “Hi there, how have you been?” So next time, when a dog start lifting your skirt, just take their paw, give it a gentle shake and say, “I am feeling dogtastic, thank you.”

If you have any dog noses business to share, please do leave your comments below. We just love to nose around. 😜

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