Dogs Paws. How to test whether your dog is walking on fire.

If your dog could talk, this is what it will say. My dogs paws are on fire!

Do you know that on very hot days, the road or the pavement where you walk your dogs can burn your dogs paws?

If you have walked barefoot before on a very hot summer day, you will know how your dogs have felt. And you wouldn’t want your best friend to suffer like this.

Hot surfaces like bitumen normally used in road construction can burn dogs paws, just the way they can burn your skin.

Therefore, you need to take precautions before you walk your dog. The first thing to do is to test whether the ground is too hot for your dogs paws. For the heat test, you just hold the back of your hand on the ground for 7 seconds. If you can’t stand the heat, then it will also be too much for your dogs to bear.

If you have burned your dogs paws, it is best for the vet to take a look to prevent any serious harm. In the meantime, you can try cooling them under running water. Check that the water is not ice cold.

It is also very helpful to bandage them and it is good to consider protecting them by putting on clean socks or shoes over it.

How to choose the most comfortable socks or shoes for your dogs paws.

  1. Has to waterproof so that they can be worn on rainy days or when the pavement is wet.
  2. Check that they are anti-slip to protect them from slipping. We do not want their feet to be injured.
  3. It is best that the shoes have reflective strips especially when your dogs are out at night. It will keep them in sight and more safe.
  4. The shoes must keep your dogs paws clean, warm and comfortable. At the same time protect their paws from getting burned, cuts from ice melt and getting cut from rocks and thorns.
  5. The shoes have soft paddings so as not to bruise their paws.
  6. If your dog is very active and loves to run around, make sure the shoes do not fall off easily. Therefore it is best to have an adjustable band.
  7. Lightweight and has a wide opening to make it easier for the dogs paws to slide in.

dogs paws

Here is my precious dog wearing the socks, one of my best investment. Don’t they look cute and comfy! Check them out here.

Dog socks with grippers. They will become super dogs!

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