Household Chores made fun.

Household chores are here to stay. They are work which cannot be swept under the carpet. So why not make them FUN!

household chores

Bernd Glassl, a German household industry association said, “When you clear away dirt, you free the soul, liberating it for other things. It is a task that you can master in a relatively short time and the result is obvious straight away”. I totally agree with this as I always feel so contented after I have finished cleaning the house. Stepping back and looking at all things tidy and neat gives me a sense of pride and joy.

He added that you can do a lot with just 20 to 30 minutes’ work, whereas in your job it often takes longer to see the fruits of your labour. Well, for me, once I start cleaning the house, I won’t stop till I have finished all the cleaning. How about you?

Here is a list on how to make household chores fun.

  1. Foremost change your mindset
    Psyche yourself that household chores are not chores but are actually great work-outs. They are physical exercises which helps you to burn those extra calories and at the same time you get to live in a clean and clutter free home sweet home.
    Just having this thought livens you up!
  2. Window cleaning exercises
    They claimed that cleaning windows for 30 minutes can burn 125 calories. When you are cleaning your windows, you have to stretch and wave your arms. This simple movement works your biceps, triceps and shoulders. It also helps to tone the upper arms and banish bingo wings.
    Hey, do some ballet moves. Count 1,2,3,4 with every wipe. Make a 360 degrees turn. Lift up one leg. You have just danced swan lake! Be careful not to sprain yourself though.
  3. Vacuuming exercises
    Vacuuming is not one of those household chores. They are great to tone down those flabby tummy. Forward, backward, left, right. These movements work the abdominal and oblique muscles to a T, not to mention the arms and shoulders.
    Anyone who can continuously vacuum for 30 minutes and then wipes the floor for 15 minutes can burn an average of 200 kilo calories. You don’t have to hop to the gym for this mini workout.
    Do not forget the music, and put on the “Let’s do the twist” music.
    Just do not get too excited and watch yourself to avoid excessive strain.
  4. Dusting exercises
    You heard of yoga right. 🧘The yoga toe stand. When you are stretching yourself to dust those hard to reach corners, or the way up high ceiling, you just have to stand on your toes. You have to balance yourself too or you will fall over.

If you love dancing, squeeze dance moves into any household chores you are doing. Do the samba, a very lively, rhythmical dance or the waltz – calm and graceful.💃🕺

And when your house is finally squeaky clean, slump yourself on the sofa, enjoy a cup of coffee, heave a sign of achievement. And pat yourself on the shoulder. You did it. Household chores can actually be very fun!

Hop on to, with lots of cool, fun cooking and cleaning stuff to help you clear the dirt and free your soul.

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