How to choose the perfect bookshelf

Bookshelf does not only keep your things neat and organized. They are a wonderful way to decorate your home.

Measure well
You have decided to give your home deco a revamp. To make sure the bookshelf is a perfect fit, measure from top to bottom and then measure the depth as well. It would be be convenient to place a broad shelf in a narrow passageway. Think of all the bumps you will get. Ouch!
One tried way to test the dimensions is to stack some cardboard in the spot for a few days. If you keep knocking into it, you will need to think of another space or resize it.

A wall bookshelf or a standing furniture
When you install a wall bookshelf, it can save a lot of space. But it needs a bit more effort and planning because you might end up with a lot of holes to patch! You can consider some shelves which do no need any drilling nor nails.

A standing bookshelf is much easier and you can move it around for a makeover. The only disadvantage is that it has gaps behind which can collect dust over time. Then you will need to buy special dusters to reach these corners. This task can be made easier with an extra-long sweeper broom. It can reach tiny gaps, deep gaps, ceiling, under refrigerator, washing machines and any heavy furniture and any spaces out of reach. Click here for more details.


A wall bookshelf or a standing furniture
An open shelf with their books can add color and character to any décor. It also allows you to see in full view all your books. But it can gather more dust so be ready to wipe them more often. Some would prefer a closed bookshelf as they like a uniform clean look and to hide their mess! You can also choose a glass front, best of both worlds – an “open” and a closed bookshelf all in one.

A bookshelf is not just for books
If you have a wide-sturdy shelves, you can use it to showcase your travelling souvenirs or put a television. It can become an attractive feature in your house. It is a great deco idea especially when you have small spaces.

Bookshelf is a simple, versatile and useful decorative furniture every home must have.

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