How to take care of Aging dogs

Aging dogs are more susceptible to many health problems like an increase in their ailments, their hearing and sight deteriorate and movements are not so agile.

It is common nowadays for dogs to live beyond their 20 years mainly because they are better cared for. But how do you know when your dog is starting to age?
There is a known formula where a dog’s age times seven equals human age. But there is more to it as the size of the dog plays a part too. Usually owners will often recognise it when their dogs do not want to go for walks, need more breaks, sleeps more and becomes overweight. It has been advised for aging dogs, to have them examined once a year from the tip of their nose to the tip of their tail. This examination to also include the ears as their hearing will also start to diminish.

  • Forgetfulness and sudden nocturnal

According to a veterinarian Thomas Steidi, typical diseases like arthritis, circulatory problems and tumours and dementia are becoming increasingly common. The aging dogs can become forgetful and suddenly become more restless at night. They can also forget their house training.

  • Dull eyes

Aging dogs eyes can start getting cloudy as the lens tissue becomes denser. Therefore the eyes appear cloudy from certain angles. But it is nothing to worry about as the dogs can still see well, as explained by veterinarians.

  • Dogs claws and overweight

Another sign of aging dogs is their claws. They can grow too long and also grow inwards. A common problem is they can also become overweight. However, this can easily be remedied by changing their diet and having moderate and regular exercise.
A calorie-reduced diet is recommended for older dogs with the right amount of exercise. Let smaller dogs run around and avoid carrying it around too much. This can be difficult for some owners as their dogs are so cute and cuddly that you just want to hug them close.
Consider buying a soft huggly sleeping bag for them. Let them feel the warmth and comfort of being wrapped lovingly. You can click here to find the softest sleeping bag for your aging dogs. 

aging dogs

  • Age-appropriate exercises for aging dogs

Short sprints and jumping about at ball games and fetching have been said to be not so suitable for aging dogs. They might suffer from joint problems. An age-appropriate sports like jumping through hoops can be more better.
When aging dogs have arthritis, it is recommended to have them treated by a veterinarian who can prescribe inflammation-inhibiting medicines to ease the condition.
If this condition is not well taken care of, it can turn into a vicious cycle where they will move less and less due to the pain. Their joints will become more stiff and can cause them to be overweight.

Ageing is a gradual process just like us human. A well planned and good diet, the right amount and appropriate exercises can help your ageing dogs stay fitter and happier.

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