Laundry cleaning not-to-dos

Laundry cleaning time! Some tips to help you along so your favorite clothes will still look fantastic like new.

More detergent does not mean cleaner clothes

This is definitely a big no-no. When you “over-dose” your clothes with detergent, you get more bubbles which actually protects stains from being removed properly. Of course, your children will love the bubbles but consider buying them the bubble blower toy. They are great fun toys to stimulate their sensory skills.

Use the appropriate cleaning solutions like the stain remover sprays to soak those stubborn dirt before you hurriedly chuck all your laundry into the washing machine.

Fabric softeners

As with detergent, fabric softeners are great to soften your laundry and also with fresh smells. But do you know that too much of it can give your laundry an oily feel. And with great fresh smells can come with a price if you over-use it. The high perfume smell can be irritable to sensitive skin causing rashes and itchiness.
Follow the instructions and if you have a washing machine, look into dryer sheets, fabric paper that are impregnated with just the right amount of softener.

Washing machines are great laundry cleaning helpers

Before you load up the washing machine, you have to do some prep work such as separating items by color and texture and choosing the right washing cycle. If your washing machine does not have a bleach dispenser, always remember to dilute the bleach with water before it touches your laundry.
All this calls for just a little practice, but you will get the hang of it in no time.

Laundry mesh bags are great for laundry cleaning

T-shirts with sewn-on bright sparkles, your delicate undies, stretchable sportswear, special custom socks must be treated with gentle care. This is when you use the laundry mesh bags to avoid them being damaged by the rough tumble of the washing machine.
These mesh bags are must-haves to prevent such laundry being tangled, stretched and rubbed along with the rest of the load.   And who has the time to hand wash them so mesh bags are heaven-sent. There are many sizes to fit your laundry as one size does not fit all. Use a small size bag for your lacy intimates and a bigger bag for your favorite yoga pants.

laundry cleaning

Preserve your colored clothes by giving them the right treatment

The sun is great for Vitamin D but it is not kind to your laundry. The sun actually bleaches your colored clothes. Therefor for the best drying is to turn your laundry inside out before you put in the washing machine. And when it is time for drying, hang it up inside out. And it does not stop there, iron your clothes inside out too. The tip is to avoid as much heat touching your clothes.

Why can’t some scientist come up with a brilliant idea for laundry cleaning? How about just scanning your laundry through a scanner and out comes fresh clean and pressed laundry ready to be used. That be awesome!

Well, till then have fun with your laundry cleaning.😀

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