Living Room Décor

Living room décor can come in many styles – formal, minimalist, comfort, cosy or royalty.
If you are looking for a warm and cosy décor, some tips which can instantly transform the ambience.

Natural light and air

Curtains are great decorative pieces. If your curtains are blocking natural light from shining into your living room, open them up. A room lit up by natural light lifts up the spirit and cheers the soul.

However, some feel that their privacy is intruded with the curtains drawn. Then try lacy curtains which are not only beautiful but adds a touch of delicate softness  to your living room décor. At the same time allowing streams of sunlight into your room – not too bright nor dark.

living room decor

Throw pillows

These are great as it lends a touch of casual and comfort. Add some playfulness and fun by having big, colorful throw pillows with dominating and creative graphics of your favorite dog.
Fluffy pillows are also useful to add comfort by snugly putting behind your back, so you don’t have to sit up with your back perfectly straight. So slide back and relax with their favorite reality show on with some potato chips and a glass of cold drink.

Indoor Plants

Bring in nature to your living room décor. Hang a pot of hanging plants and you see your room come alive.  Buy some easy to maintain indoor house plants. Look for tall leafy ferns for fresh spontaneous accents. Flowers add scent and color and beauty.
Artificial plants are great too if you do not have green fingers. You can add light heartedness by decorating with huge bunches of your favorite artificial flowers in big colorful pots.

Photos add warmth

Place some photographs of your family and friends. Frame them up and hang against walls or on coffee tables. If you are a traveler with lots of interesting photos of places you have visited, you can try a divider photo frame. They can also be great conversational pieces especially when you have run out of topics to chat with your guests!

No hospital like living room décor

Some messiness gives life and looks more inviting. Rooms that are too tidy where everything seems to be in place can look cold and unlived in. You can try leaving some magazines on the coffee table. Do not fret so much over unfluffed cushions or ornaments which are out of place. An organized mess always does the trick to inject some warmth and love to any living room décor.

A living room décor which is warm, cosy and comfortable is not hard to achieve. It sure makes you look forward to coming home after a hard days work.

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