Minimalism Lifestyle. Is it for you?

What is your first thought on a minimalism lifestyle?

minimalism lifestyle

Natural color tones, white or beige walls, wooden furniture, sparsely decorated interiors and very minimal accessories. Accessories which are basic and of necessity.

Minimalism is more than this. It is a lifestyle, an attitude. It is about your daily habits. Buying things only when needed, recycling anything to reduce wastage. It can create clarity and frees up space for the things that are really essential be it family, partners and friends.

Minimalism lifestyle is about adopting an attitude on whether the things which we are constantly shopping are essentials. It is about reducing the number of things we own and we can start this lifestyle right in our house by sorting and clearing out things in our household.
We can go through each piece of furniture individually, sorting drawer after drawer, every piece of clothing. Find your own way which is most comfortable for you and what is good for you.

How about trying shopping in your own house. Get a basket and starting with your wardrobe, find clothing which you do not need and donate them or hold a garage sale. Continue with the kitchen, living room and so on till you have rid of things which you can do without.

However, remember that your home reflects your personality, so do not rid of things till your house looks empty and cold. Keep personal things like photos and emotional mementos which are necessary to feel good and a feeling of well-being.

Consider using neutral, earthy colors and it is recommended to have a maximum of 2 to 3 accent colors to avoid unease in a room. Having uniform materials, for example, having a set of identical mugs exude order and structure. There are no strict and standard rules in minimalism lifestyle as every individual has different habits, needs and tastes.

Minimalism is not only reducing the essentials but can also extend to conscious consumption.
Many have joined in the sustainable living movement where they start to question how things are being made. Are their production damaging the environment? Some have started looking at buying second hand items to reduce damage to the environment and some manufacturers are recycling used plastic to make into new items.

Minimalism lifestyle is all about living with less.

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