Outdoor furniture you can put in and out

Outdoor furniture can spice up any house decoration but what about the maintenance. Most outdoor furniture is built to be weather-resistant. Professional outdoor furniture makers know that they need to design their products to stand up to harsh conditions and climates with alternating storms and sunshine.

Thus, maintaining and caring for them is really simple and fuss-free. And the flip side is since it can be used outdoors, they can most definitely be usable indoors, without bringing in the weather conditions.

So wait are you waiting for, dash out and buy that sleek and sexy set you have been contemplating buying! But wait, before you splurge, you must seriously consider investing in pieces that you can really use inside your house for double the value of money spent.

Many furniture makers are designing outdoor furniture for more cross over between outdoor furniture and indoor. Outdoor lounge suites are already leading the way as they are increasingly popular for their comfort, size and durability in all conditions.

Handy tips for picking the right outdoor furniture

We all love to have a stylish design but it is important to consider these factors before you finally make that purchase.

  1. How much space do you have for an outdoor setting.
    There are many designs that can fit from the smallest terrace to a spacious patio. If you have a lifestyle which is jam-packed with commitments and activities, you might want to consider buying a low maintenance set.
  2. Location of your house
    You also have to consider whether your house is conducive. If your area is prone to rain and shine with little shelter, the extreme heat followed by extreme humidity can shorten the life span of furniture made of fragile materials.
  3. Material used
    Stainless steel offers a fuss-free contemporary design. It is also of low maintenance as they are rust-resistant.
    Aluminium slat-top tables are also great choices as they are designed to withstand wind and rain. They are also safe for family with kids or pets as you do not have to worry about glass shattering.

    outdoor furniture

Now is the mundane stuff on care and maintenance. Nevertheless necessary if you want your outdoor furniture to be looking as good as new anytime.

  1. Timber furniture
    This furniture gives you that rustic natural feel. Other than thoroughly wiping and cleaning to remove dust particles, lightly oil and allow the furniture to dry. This extra step helps to extend its lifespan by preventing damage to the wood. You have to also check regularly for any loosened fasteners.
    if your timber is painted or washed design, cleaning with soapy water with a soft cloth can do the trick. You can also use a soft non-metallic brush, rinse and dry with a soft cloth.
    It is recommended to do your cleaning once a month and apply a very light coat of clear timber oil once a year. Well, that is not too much to ask for to have a great looking timber outdoor furniture!
  2. Resin wicker and Textilene furniture
    Wipe your Resin wicker or known as all-weather wicker and Textilene furniture with a soft and dry cloth for that brand-new look. You can also rinse with water and mild detergent to remove any dirt. Soft, snugly cushions need to be removed and stored in a dry and generally dark place when they are not in use. The fabrics can be water-repellent but not water-proof and if left out in the rain, the seat cushions will absorb the water.
    You can consider using a furniture cover over unused outdoor furniture to protect against weather elements.

Whatever your preference, it is really chill to just relax outdoors and unwind. And if you have a vast space, you can host great barbeque parties and spruce up your outdoors with sleek and sexy looking outdoor furniture. I can already hear the tinkling of wine glasses!🥂

We love to share if you have any other useful tips, just drop your comments below👇

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